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Creating availability

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More people than ever before are working from home – but there will always be a need for them to come into the office from time to time. When they do, they’ll need a workspace or meeting room – and a reliable way to reserve their requirements in advance.

With Go Bright, space reservations (and cancellations) can be achieved in moments on a single platform that also gives facilities managers deep insights into space usage and requirement trends.

Now remote workers can get more done when they come in – and get to where they need to be in a smoother, more streamlined way. No confusion. No double-bookings. Just one single reservations platform.


Home workers can save time and slot right into operations through Go Bright’s hotdesking solutions. The platform allows flexible workers to specify their requirements – including the team members or project collaborators they need to be near.

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Know in advance where you’ll be sitting – and enjoy the certainty of knowing that your reservation has been secured. And because everyone works differently, Go Bright lets you specify your optimum requirements – and remembers your preferences for future bookings.

Facilities managers can optimise their space resources and budgets by gaining the data they need to make even more accurate resource allocation and space planning decisions.

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Key Features



Enjoy Active Directory and Google integration so you can book a desk from your phone, from anywhere. You’ll have full access to all your licences and preferences.


See which spaces are in use and which are free – at a single glance. Powerful visual mapping functionality makes it easy to find and book your ideal workspace.

Desk Glow

Instant indication that a workstation is occupied, preventing confusion and ensuring that the space you’ve reserved, stays booked just for you.


New to a building? There’s no danger of not being able to find your way: Go Bright Wayfinding will direct you to where you need to be.


With Go Bright, you’ll always know in advance that there’s a meeting room with your name on it. Avoid wasted trips and frustrated colleagues by planning ahead and ensuring that every minute spent at the office is a productive one that helps advance your key projects. Go Bright also enables facilities managers to track and optimise the way different spaces are used.

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Centralised Booking System

Go Bright makes it easier for everyone to find and book what they need in advance. It’s agile enough to adjust to changes of plan – bookings can be amended or cancelled as needed, so that free spaces are always available to others. Facilities managers gain the data they need to effectively manage both resources and budgets.

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Key Features



Go Bright has been engineered for seamless integration with Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google, Active Directory and FMIS systems. Facilities managers gain insights into bookings – as well as take-up rates – and Go Bright can also store licenses and user preferences.

Room Booking App

Remote booking functionality via your smartphone, plus meeting time expiry notifications and meeting extension options – all thanks to the Go Bright App.

Outlook Plugin

Integrate your room bookings with your calendar and arrange AV equipment and catering as required.

Smart Sensors

Go Bright desk detection lets facilities managers see if booked workspaces are actually being used. Motion sensor technology can be used to cancel bookings if spaces are not being used.


Good to see you

Visiting an office or corporate HQ can involve waiting, getting misdirected, and turning up late and flustered to a meeting even though you were originally there on time. These negative experiences are a thing of the past with Go Bright. Feel welcome and get to where you need to be.

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Digital Receptionist

Create a better experience for visitors using the Go Bright platform. Features include self-check in and automatic security badge printing. When you check in, your host will be notified of your arrival by SMS and email, and you’ll receive directions to the meeting room. Reception staff time can be freed up to deal with value-added tasks, and all data collection is GDPR-compliant.

SMS Alerts

As your guest checks in, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. With their automatically printed badge and customised directions, your guests can find you – and the meeting – without hassle, and then check themselves out again afterwards.

Key Features

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