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Plug into simplicity and tap into amazing boardroom meetings. Instantly connecting any device with the room’s main screen saves time and cuts out the hassle factor – there’s no software to download or upgrade, and no cables. Instead of spending the first half of the meeting trying to connect, share ideas from the get-go with Barco ClickShare and encourage everyone to participate. Shorter, more productive meetings – what are you waiting for? Just push the button and open the ideas tap.

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    The simple USB-powered ClickShare Button does away with the need for wires, cables or additional software. Collaboration is instant.

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    The ClickShare app for Android and iOS enables sharing from mobile devices, as well as laptops, PCs, Macs and tablets. Supports Airplay and Google Cast.

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    No training requirements and nothing to learn – if you can push a button, you can share your content with Barco ClickShare.

Barco ClickShare Conference

Business connectivity, seamlessly delivered

No matter where your colleagues are located, with Barco ClickShare Conference wireless conferencing systems, they are only seconds away. Teamwork becomes second nature when you ‘bring your own meeting’ and enjoy fuss-free connections to anywhere. ClickShare Conference is perfectly aligned with today’s increasingly digitized workplaces and allows colleagues to collaborate and cooperate across multiple locations simultaneously. This technology is triple-agnostic, meaning that you can use your own laptop or desktop, and connect all your AV peripherals without cables, delays or issues. Remoteness is no longer an obstacle to productivity

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Barco ClickShare CS-100

Ideal for huddle and small meeting spaces

The stand-alone CS-100 empowers small meeting situations driven by laptops and mobile devices. Invite colleagues and guests alike to connect with a single click and start sharing immediately. No training, no cables, no software and no time wasted. The CS-100 features a HDMI output and with one user sharing, allows up to 8 users to connect. Benefit from our standard security features including encryption, login management, https and the option to disguise the Base Unit’s wireless network SSID.

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Barco ClickShare CSE-200

Ideal for medium size rooms with two simultaneous presenters

The CSE-200 brings the advantages of wireless presentations to small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Enhanced security features mean that only those who need to know will have access to the content you’re sharing. Predefined security levels ensure that you’re always in control and your business secrets remain safe. Connectivity options include AirPlay and Google Cast support for non-HDCP content, while the capacity for two people to share content simultaneously facilitates a new level of collaboration. Company network integration is easy thanks to API functionality.

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Barco ClickShare CSE-800

Advanced collaboration for large meeting spaces

The CSE-800 features two HDMI inputs and outputs, to allow seamless integration with legacy AV equipment and conferencing systems. You also gain the ability to connect separately to two different networks at the same time, and drive two 4K DCI displays from the same base unit. Up to eight people can share content at once, making the CSE-800 ideal for larger meeting room scenarios. Maintain order – and guide the discussion – with the moderator function enabling a great experience for everyone.

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