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Barco UniSee Video Wall

For when you want to see it all.

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Richer colours, brighter ideas

Welcome to a new way to look at large screen visualisations, using the latest LCD technology to ensure maximum uptime. Enjoy a viewing experience that’s as immersive as it is visually stunning, with the three components of the system combining to create a video wall that offers uninterrupted, realistic displays. Barco UniSee helps your business look its best and gets your message across. If you want to see the future of video wall technology, you need look no further.

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  1. 1

    UniSee View

    Minimal inter-tile gaps make the bigger picture a better picture and deliver a never-before-seen viewing experience.

  2. 2

    UniSee Mount

    Harnessing the strength of innovation and the power of gravity to keep every panel in your video wall perfectly aligned.

  3. 3

    UniSee Connect

    Modular set-up ensures quick and effective service and repairs, so your LCD video wall can continue to outshine the competition.

Barco UniSee

All eyes on the wall...

The UniSee View LCD video wall offers a superbly immersive and realistic viewing experience that makes it suitable for multiple display applications. Take your visual information sharing to the next level with UniSee View’s richer colours and automatically calibrated brightness, thanks to Barco Sense X technology. With barely noticeable inter-tile gaps, you’re looking at a seamless display that will draw people in. Combine with the UniSee Mount to keep your panels in place, and UniSee Connect for easy servicing and repairs

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Barco KVD5521B

Bring colour to your office walls

The Barco UniSee KVD5521B is bound to get noticed in your office – which is exactly the point. It’s an impressive 55” LCD video wall that’s easy to set up and has an intuitive control interface. Industry-leading brightness calibration and colour create a near-seamless effect. Designed for easier servicing and shorter interventions, the KVD5521B offers the reliability and very high uptime percentage you need for mission-critical applications. Fan-less cooling means silent operation, so nothing will take away from the screen’s visual impact.

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