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Huddly GO

Great design; serious processing power.

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Simple, functional, beautiful

Meet the Huddly GO, a camera that combines the elegant simplicity of Scandinavian design with updateable technology to deliver the clearest, most all-encompassing view of your meeting or conference room. A product that’s designed to be easy to relate to, and that you can trust to do exactly what it’s supposed to do. The ultra-wide-angle lens can easily capture everyone in the room, no matter how large it is. Your whole team is invited, and everyone gets a chance to shine.

huddly go camera
  1. 1

    Software Updates

    Enhance your experience with one-click, intelligent software updates every time a new feature is developed.

  2. 2

    Multiple Streams

    One lens, three cameras means you get multiple video streams to the back-end, plus intelligent Huddly API.

  3. 3

    Auto Zoom

    Detects participants and frames them in the centre, so no one will ever feel left out again.

Huddly GO

Small camera, big ideas

The Huddly GO packs an incredible amount of technology into a very small space, resulting in quality video streams that belie its size. Visual noise-filtering ensures a true-to-life image, while the digital tilt, pan and zoom features let you go out to 4x magnification without any loss in quality. The Huddly GO is a bright idea that might inspire your team to have more lightbulb moments – and it can automatically adjust to any lighting level. The 150° lens encourages everyone to participate.

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huddly go camera
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