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i3-Technologies specialises in collaborative technologies and solutions, including interactive touchscreen displays for business and learning environments. Their hardware and software products integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, enabling you to extract maximum value and allowing your most talented team members to share ideas and information intuitively. i3-Technologies takes its name from the key principles of interactivity, integration and inspiration. Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, they make all three easier, more effective and more enjoyable. Ease-of-use is designed into every i3-Technologies product.

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    Highly responsive, capacitive touchscreen with Android OS onboard and plug-and-play capability. Available in multiple sizes.

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    The most advanced digital flipchart that turns any area into a modern, easy-to-use, collaborative workspace.

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    Effectively a giant, multi-user tablet, this flexible meeting room solution features an integrated computer.


Plug & work

The i3TOUCH range of interactive touchscreens allows you to collaborate with colleagues more easily and creatively than ever before. Ideal for applications including whiteboarding, presenting and video conferencing, it’s a one-stop solution for your company. Take and share notes instantly without the need for another device thanks to the onboard Android OS with built-in apps. Browse the internet or open documents without an additional computer. For enhanced peace of mind, the standard 3-year warranty can be extended to up to 7 years.

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It’s time to flip the script

The i3Sixty is an advanced digital flipchart designed for ease of use and interoperability with your entire ICT ecosystem. Write or draw on the pressure-sensitive screen, then erase with your fingertip. Rotate the screen from landscape to portrait for optimal display of your content, and source data from websites without the need for a separate device. The i3Sixty features an intuitive whiteboard application and can be used for wireless presentations or video conferencing. It is also highly mobile so you can easily move it around your workplace.

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For successful meetings

The i3HUDDLE is the ultimate flexible meeting room solution. For meetings that are interactive, creative, collaborative, easily shared and to the point, i3HUDDLE saves everyone’s time and allows the whole team’s ideas to be captured. The integrated computer takes planning, sharing and customisation to the next level, while the i3HUDDLE’s multi-touch interaction functionality recognises up to 40 touchpoints at once. The gestures that you use on your smart device work in the same way on the i3HUDDLE, so using it is intuitive and effortless.

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