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Virtual Meeting Room using virtualised software to provide scalable, cost-effective solutions. Enjoy seamless unity between systems: at last, any-to-any video is here. This is enterprise software doing exactly what it’s meant to do – make your team more productive and efficient, and encourage cross-pollination of ideas throughout your company. Whatever your current legacy video-conferencing systems, Pexip Infinity will seamlessly link them so that no-one’s left out. It also gives you complete control over how and when you deploy, scale or update the software.

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    Seamless interoperability

    With Pexip Infinity, all your enterprise communications solutions will work as one. It just works, and means you can participate using anything.

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    Capacity capability

    Pexip Infinity lets any number of your colleagues participate, no matter where they are. Add resources as required – you have optimum flexibility.

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    Beautifully simple

    Pexip Infinity is easy to use and easy to manage. With everyone using their preferred communications method, no expensive training is needed.

Pexip Infinity Connect

Meeting gateway

Pexip Infinity Connect is available for all major web browsers and operating systems. It lets you come together in virtual meeting rooms and make point-to-point calls using either a browser-based or installable client. It’s a user-friendly suite of soft clients that can connect directly to Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms, or (using Pexip Infinity as a gateway) to any other endpoint, such as Microsoft Lync or H.323/SIP standards-based endpoints. With Pexip Infinity as your meeting platform, you won’t need any other soft client.

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Pexip Infinity Mobile

Meetings on the go

Pexip Infinity Connect gives you full video meeting experience from any iOS or Android device, and even lets participants join using audio only if they’re driving. Benefit from the full virtual meeting room experience and #EnterpriseMobility thanks to the Pexip Infinity Connect Mobile client management app. As a full-feature VMR client for Pexip conferences, it provides conference participants with a consistent interface from which they can join meetings, control the conference and view presentations from their own personal device.

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Pexip Mobile
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