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Enjoy unified business communications with state-of-the-art microphones and conference phones from Yamaha UC. Now you can talk softly and still be heard. Clear audio adds to clarity of thought, and Yamaha UC ensures both through an innovative range of products featuring ultra-wide bandwidth, integrated acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), and superior speaker volume. Wireless microphones help break down stilted meeting atmospheres and disrupt hierarchies that can stifle free thought. Being natural lets the ideas flow more freely, and success follows.

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Video Systems

All huddle, no trouble

Huddle room space is at a premium – you need to fill the space with brains, not equipment. Which is why the user-friendly Yamaha CS-700 is the perfect solution. Being wall-mounted, it doesn’t eat into precious office real estate. Its combination of ultra-wideband audio with high-quality video addresses all your communication and collaboration requirements – and through just the one USB cable. Remote office locations can benefit from full head office IT support thanks to the integrated remote management capability.

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Conference Phones

Raise your game, not your voice

Brilliant ideas deserve to be heard, which is why Yamaha UC has designed an innovative line of conference phones to deliver clear conference audio solutions. Choose from wired or wireless VoIP, USB, and Bluetooth® enabled phone options to fit with your existing and future telephone technologies – Yamaha UC conference phones support video conferencing, softphone calls, web applications, on-premise or hosted IP PBXs, and more. Yamaha UC’ telephony products offer ultra-wide bandwidth, integrated acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), and superior speaker volume.

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microphnoe system

Microphone Systems

Be a profit whisperer

Yamaha UC has always specialised in high-performance microphone products and is still a leader in audio solutions for unified conferencing and collaboration. Built-for-speech technology ensures call clarity and quality, with multiple microphone solutions providing flexible options for differently-sized meeting spaces. Yamaha UC’ expertise covers both wireless microphones for conferencing and voice lift, or wired microphones to meet fixed solution requirements, so you can be assured of perfect audio performance – and be confident that every voice will be heard.

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