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Yamaha UC Products

Wireless Microphone Systems

Explore a selection of our most popular wired and wireless microphone systems. To learn more about the full range of industry-leading Yamaha UC Products microphone systems, contact us to arrange a demo.

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HD Single and Dual (4 & 8) Channel

If you’re looking for a mobile audio solution that’s designed for video carts and video conference solutions in small meeting rooms, then the Revolabs HD™ Single/Dual Channel wireless microphone system fits the bill. Featuring one or two wireless microphones and superior HD audio quality in a compact package, the wireless design eliminates tripping hazards and slashes set-up time in meetings. This plug-and-play system is ready to offer high performance right out of the box, giving you seamless and easy integration into your existing video conferencing set-up.

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xTag™ USB Wireless Microphone System

When you need the presenter’s voice to be easily heard and understood by audiences of different sizes, you need a wireless rack-mount microphone system designed for use in auditoriums and lecture halls. Choose the combination of stylish Elite wireless microphones that works best for your speaker, including wearable lapel microphones for mobility (letting the speaker follow their thoughts around the room) and gooseneck microphones for podiums and stage tables. Your business isn’t standing still, and with 2-channel microphone solutions, neither will the people who inspire you.

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