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Yamaha CS-700

yamaa video console

Product Overview

Gather your team around you and learn more about the unique features of the Yamaha CS-700. This is the breakthrough in space-saving, simple to use huddle room collaboration and communication equipment that you’ve been waiting for. Talk to us today to discover how this video system can work for you.

Remote Manageability

Your IT department’s workload just got smaller, thanks to the Yamaha CS-700’s remote management capability. Now your centralised IT function can remotely monitor and manage units across the company, configure them en masse, and use the IP interface to automatically upgrade their operating systems so you’re always completely up-to-date.


The Yamaha CS-700 can see everyone in your team all at once, thanks to its 120-degree ultra-wide-angle camera. You may not all share the same point of view, but at least you’ll be in the same field of view. There’s no need to pan and zoom; instead you can plan and boom! Job done.


The combined experience of Revolabs and Yamaha has resulted in a built-in beamforming microphone array that picks up and projects every word spoken in the room, while the four-element speaker bar provides amazing audio throughout your huddle space, ensuring that every word spoken is heard. In other words: easy, natural, audible conversation.

USB and SIP support

Invest in a Yamaha CS-700 and your huddle room won’t need any other communication device. It supports multiple business communication applications, while the SIP interface to the corporate call manager means that there’s no need for a separate conference phone. Integrated Bluetooth facilitates connections that transform a cellphone or laptop into a conference call.

Wall Mount

Because the Yamaha CS-700 is a wall-mounted system, it saves you precious space in your huddle room. With no need for any table-top equipment, there’s nothing to get in the way of full and frank team discussions. Installation is simple, and the special pivot design feature neatly tucks all the wiring away.

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