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Plug & Play setup for laptop meetings

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What you Need to know

Yealink BYOD technology makes it easy to integrate your own laptop or other device into your huddle room setup. Yealink BYOD Meeting Kits offer cost-effective solutions with high-quality audio and a premium video experience. Plug and play setup means that there is no need to install additional drivers on your device, and your meetings can start on time, every time. Using just a single connecting cable, you can meet over Zoom, MS Teams or Skype for Business – all while charging your laptop at the same time.

Yealink Meeting Kit UVC30-CP900-BYOD

Your next meeting is just a step away

Connecting your entire team is simple: just link the Yealink UVC30 Camera and Yealink CP900 speakerphone to the BYOD box. From there, a single Type-C cable brings your laptop onboard (and even charges it). This BYOD Meeting Kit offers maximum flexibility and the freedom to hold meetings when you want, and using your preferred platform. It’s ideal for smaller meeting spaces, and its intuitively easy setup lets you hold impromptu meetings without losing time wrestling with cables and adapters. It’s good to go whenever you are.

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Yealink CP700 Speakerphone

On-the-go audio solution

Certified for Microsoft Teams, the Yealink CP700 has been designed to meet the needs of small, highly mobile teams. Its portable design gives it go-anywhere capabilities – now any space you find yourself in, can become a huddle room. As you’d expect, it’s easy to connect and simple to use – its low learning cost saves time and means that it can be deployed by any of your team members in moments. And because it’s a Yealink speakerphone, the CP700 delivers the kind of high-quality audio you’d expect.

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Yealink CP900 Speakerphone

Life-like communication, both ways

For a more stable and immersive audio experience in your meetings, choose the Yealink CP900 speakerphone. This full-duplex audio device uses HD and multi-microphone beamforming to mitigate the effects of people being seated in different positions and ensure that every attendee can hear every word. The built-in noise suppression technology cancels out background noise, placing renewed focus on what’s being said. The result is a more natural-sounding conversation that makes for more enjoyable and ultimately more productive meetings – exactly what you want.

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Yealink Webcam UVC30-Desktop

Secure, vivid visual experiences

Experience Ultra HD 4K for your PC with the Yealink UVC30-Desktop. Its 3x digital zoom enhances what is already an outstanding – and genuine – visual experience. The vivid colour reproduction and laser-sharp image quality are the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting, while the high frame rates generate remarkably lifelike video reproduction. Secure login ensures that only authorised attendees are able to enter the call, with an infrared sensor and facial recognition technology acting as effective gatekeepers. This is meeting intelligence at its best.

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Yealink Webcam UVC30-Room

Even better than the real thing

Experience next-level versatility with the UVC30-Room 4K premium USB camera. Its flexible clip gives you multiple mounting options - and that’s just the start. The wide field of view (FOV) creates a more inclusive experience that lets all attendees know that their ideas are equally important, while auto framing and facial recognition functionalities help create a more realistic conversational experience for everyone – on every side of the call. This is the solution you need to bring your meetings to life in the most vivid way possible.

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