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What you Need to know

If you use Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 or Skype for Business to collaborate and communicate with colleagues, then you’re about to receive a serious productivity boost! Yealink’s awesome new video and voice solutions are optimised for use with these popular business software packages and services. Whatever the size of your meeting space, there’s a Yealink solution to match. Enjoy the seamless integration and high-definition quality you’ve come to expect from Yealink, combined with the advantages of these powerful systems. It’s teamwork made even easier.

Yealink VC200

A simplified solution that simply works

The Yealink VC200 is designed for smaller meeting spaces and huddle rooms and is optimised for use by teams of 2 to 6 people. Avoid cluttering up your space – the Yealink VC200 is compact enough to be unobtrusive yet packed with the features you need to get the job done. It’s also immensely flexible and adapts to your needs. The Ultra HD 4K camera delivers sharp and smooth video, while the 6 built-in beam-forming microphones ensure you can pick up every comment and idea.

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Yealink MVC500

Larger teams, bigger ideas

The Yealink MVC500 is the ideal solution for larger meeting rooms, and for when you need to get more of your team involved in a discussion or brainstorming session. Easily able to service up to 12 people, the MVC500 features an 83D wide-angle camera that ensures that everyone is kept in the picture – and up to speed. Single-click plug & play functionality saves wasting time looking for cables, and lets your team hit the ground running rather than running around looking for adaptors.

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Yealink MVC800

Get everyone involved

The Yealink MVC800 really takes thing up a notch. Never miss an idea or a moment of inspiration, no matter who comes up with it. Ideally suited to larger collaboration spaces and meetings involving from 12 to 20+ people, the MVC800 captures sound and video at greater distances, so that everyone in the room can have their say. Video conferencing becomes more vivid, and everyone on your team will feel that their contributions are valuable and valued by their team leaders and peers.

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Yealink CP960

Making things clear

Live collaboration with no dead zones. This is the enterprise-grade conference phone you need to conduct calls with colleagues wherever they’re located. Thanks to its outstanding sound quality, this is the ideal solution for medium or large conference rooms. No matter where people are seated, they can make meaningful contributions to every conversation. It’s time to hear and be heard with the Yealink CP960 – if things get animated, no-one’s mobility is compromised, and authentic voice reproduction means you’ll always know who said what.

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CP860 - Conference Phone

Your ultimate assistant

Yealink’s CP860 IP conference phone is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized conference room. Without needing optional expansion microphones, it can facilitate the participation of up to sixteen people thanks to its outstanding features, including a built-in 3-microphone array, full-duplex technology and acoustic echo cancelling for clearer conference calls. Calls can be recorded, and linkages to mobile phones or PCs are possible, to enable more of your colleagues to contribute to the conversation and provide a more convenient conference call experience.

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VC Desktop and Mobile

VC Desktop

Yealink’s IP phones offer an unparalleled VoIP telephony experience, while our accessories deliver the flexibility and customisation your business needs.

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Mobile Workforce

Extends video conferencing to mobile staff so that your entire team can be included, wherever they are when your meeting starts. Supports IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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Yealink VCMobile
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