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What you Need to know

Yealink is ‘easy technology’ that lets smaller companies take advantage of the full benefits of high-quality video-conferencing. It’s combination of simplicity and cost-effectiveness make it the ideal choice if you’re looking to improve how your company collaborates without taking a hit to your bottom line. Yealink’s VC series video-conferencing infrastructure elements offer a full HD experience, while their range of IP phones gives you a direct line to the people who matter most. Yealink’s Meeting Server can seamlessly link multiple locations, servers and devices.

Yealink Meeting

Bring everyone together – everywhere

Yealink Meeting is the cloud-based video conferencing platform the world has been waiting for. It empowers online meetings, making it easier than ever before to bring your entire team together in one virtual space – no matter where they’re located. Designed for global teams, its combination of intuitive user interface and high security saves time and offers complete peace of mind. Meetings can be joined from anywhere with a single click, and all attendees can enjoy a richer experience thanks to Yealink Meeting’s instant content sharing functionality.

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Yealink MeetingEye 400

Maximising the potential of small spaces

The Yealink MeetingEye 400 is an all-in-one video conferencing solution for huddle rooms and other small workspaces holding up to 7 people. Its built-in microphone and powerful 4K 20MP camera capture sound and vision in remarkable clarity, ensuring that there are no distracting quality issues when important ideas are being shared or points are being made. This video conferencing system also features built-in dynamics for ease of use and optimum outputs. It can be controlled using the Yealink CTP20, while voice tracking and auto-focusing functionality help meeting attendees stay focused.

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Yealink MeetingEye 600

Big ideas for medium rooms

The big brother of the Yealink MeetingEye 400, the Yealink MeetingEye 600 offers optimal performance in slightly larger spaces, or for meetings with up to 11 people in attendance. Also a 4K terminal, it supports multiple features such as dual cameras, including one for enhancing the voice tracking feature and enriching the overall experience with after-framing. This video conferencing system features one-click joining of meetings on the cloud. Invitations can be activated via MS Outlook or a QR code, thereby streamlining the attendee onboarding process.

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Yealink VC200

Smart video for meeting and huddle rooms

Make video conferencing as lifelike as face-to-face interactions with the Yealink VC200. The compact, all-in-one design optimises space in smaller rooms, while it has the capabilities you might only expect from a much larger device. Ultra HD video and crystal-clear audio bring your colleagues closer, no matter where they might be. The wide-angle lens and beamforming microphone array ensures that no one will be left out, and wireless operation and cloud connectivity are a breeze thanks to built-in Bluetooth and W-Fi content sharing.

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Yealink VC500

Ideal for medium sized meeting spaces

The Yealink VC500 is a powerful video conferencing endpoint optimised for small and medium meeting rooms. Easy to deploy, this dynamic, enterprise-grade conferencing endpoint offers an impressive conferencing experience in line with Yealink’s commitment to making business collaboration easier, and boosting productivity. The wide-angle lens offers an exceptional 83-degree horizontal field of view to ensure that everyone in the room is visible during the meeting, while the 1080 P60 PTZ camera with 5x optical zoom guarantees a vivid image and helps everyone focus.

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Yealink VC800

Ideal for medium to large meeting spaces

Experience second-generation full-HD video conferencing with the Yealink VC800. Industry-leading embedded MCU technology enables the VC800 to provide up to 24 sites with HD video conferencing in addition to two virtual meeting rooms. Collaborate effectively with ease, and hear every word thanks to its world-class Harman Kardon speaker. The VC800 supports Meeting Scheduling and One-touch Meeting Access, and seamlessly integrates with cloud platforms such as Yealink Cloud, Yealink Meeting Server, Starleaf, Pexip, Mind Zoom & BlueJeans.

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Conference Phones to Start a Conversation

Yealink conference phones offer enriched video conferencing experiences to colleagues in the same room, or on the other side of the world. Share your thoughts and come together to solve problems – instantly.

Yealink VP59

Connecting your office with Office 365

The Yealink VP59 smart video phone is a top-of-the-range device that offers full compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 and delivers a rich user experience. The 8-inch screen allows for intuitive menu navigation, so you can spend more time discussing and less time configuring. Seamless connectivity is assured thanks to the built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band Wi-Fi, and this smart video phone easily syncs with a TV or monitor. Yealink technology suppresses background noise for better communication in small- and medium-sized meeting rooms, so every idea gains added clarity.

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Yealink CP960

Perfectly balanced

Enjoy crystal-clear audio quality and natural, bright-sounding conversation in medium and large meeting rooms with the Yealink CP960 Skype for Business conference phone. It facilitates collaboration and makes ideas easier to share and more accessible thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and wired pairing to smartphones via Bluetooth and a Micro-B port. The Yealink CP960 conference phone supports Office 365 and strikes the perfect balance between intuitive operation and the power to deliver a smarter audio conferencing and Skype solution. Meet the indispensable conference phone.

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Yealink VCMobile

VC Desktop and Mobile

VC Desktop

Yealink’s IP phones offer an unparalleled VoIP telephony experience, while our accessories deliver the flexibility and customisation your business needs.

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Mobile Workforce

Extends video conferencing to mobile staff so that your entire team can be included, wherever they are when your meeting starts. Supports IOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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Touch Panel CTP20

CTP20 is a collaborative touch panel that can be paired with Yealink's new generation video conference solutions.Its user-centered interactive design allows users to join a meeting effortlessly.

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yealink video business meeting

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