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What you Need to know

Zoom has transformed the way that companies communicate, thanks to the clarity and quality of their video services. Now Yealink has partnered with Zoom to bring you Yealink Zoom Rooms Solutions. Get premium audio and video quality conferencing thanks to Yealink’s advanced camera and phone technology, optimised for Zoom’s cloud services. Yealink Zoom Rooms kits contain everything you need to draw on the technical and software expertise of two of the world’s leading business communications companies. It’s time to take a closer look at Zoom.

Yealink UVC50

Big ideas for smaller rooms

A complete Zoom Rooms hardware package for small or medium meeting rooms, the Yealink UVC50 features everything you need to get talking (and more). A mini-PC, camera and audio devices are all included, so you can start your first Zoom call within minutes of unboxing. The wide-angle lens provides a more inclusive feel while Yealink Noise Proof technology means that ideas can be heard from everywhere in the room. With no need for additional console devices, the UVC50 delivers all the benefits of Zoom without distractions.

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Yealink UVC80

Think even bigger

The Yealink UVC80 is the answer to providing a Zoom Rooms experience in larger meeting spaces and conference rooms, with Yealink’s wireless microphones and technology giving you crystal-clear pick-up out to 12 metres. Like the Yealink UVC50, it contains Yealink hardware components optimised for use with Zoom’s remote video conferencing offering. The UVC80 includes a Yealink Conference Phone CP960 paired with the Yealink UVC80 USB PTZ Camera with 12x optical zoom. Now there’s no need – or opportunity – for anyone to hide in the corners. Every idea counts.

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